Children & Youth Programs (Summer, Before/After School, PA Day & Evening Programs)

We have a wide variety of programs to engage and inspire...from community based to Club based we are sure to have something of interest. 

Please click on the links to the left for a description specific to the program of interest or need. 

STEAM Ahead! - Mixing visual, auditory and hands-on activities to engage different learning styles, STEAM Ahead encourages children to explore STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) fundamentals and includes an artistic (A) component to encourage creativity and innovation. - available at Banbury Child Care September 2019- June 2020

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Power UP
Power Up! is an academic support program that helps kids develop positive study habits and practices at school, and encourages a life-long interest in learning. Participants are given the tools and environment necessary to set and plan for academic goals, and are helped along the way by volunteer tutors and mentors. - available at Major Ballachey afterschool program September 2019- June 2020

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"I like playing sports and video games."  - Ethan, Age 11

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