Youth Evening Recreation Drop-In

BGC Brantford – Step It Up!

Step It Up! is a philosophy in program delivery comprised of three components: increasing physical activity levels of our members; enhancing nutritional awareness and healthy eating choices; and asset building.

Step It Up! uses three tools which are implemented throughout all school age programs:

The CATCH program is an evidence-based program designed to promote physical activity, healthy food choices and the prevention of tobacco use in children;

SNACKivity is a structured, hands-on nutritional education activity which allow participants to research and prepare healthy snacks and facilitates activities and discussions which can be implemented in daily routines;

DEVELOPMENTAL ASSETS are building blocks of healthy development which assist young people to grow into healthy, caring and responsible adults.

What the BGC Club House Has to Offer!

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Arts & Crafts Room

A supervised area where members can make crafts, learn new artistic techniques and express themselves creatively in a wide variety of media.

Games Room

The games room is a supervised area allowing children and youth to meet and interact with other members. Members can enjoy the challenges of, foosball, air hockey, basketball and other interactive activities. This room also includes various video gaming systems.

Tech Lab

The computer lab is used primarily for our youth employment, career readiness and youth mentorship programs, however we are fortunate to have numerous ‘macs’ that are accessible during structured ‘mac time’.


The gymnasium is the heart of the Club and is open for a wide variety of games, activities and challenges organized by staff and volunteers. Get involved in a ball hockey league, learn or enhance your soccer or volleyball skills, or just play for fun.

Music Lounge

The music lounge, equipped with an electric piano, electric drum set, and other musical instruments allows members to interact with each other and challenge their creativity with music.

Leadership Lounge

The Leadership Lounge is a space that can be used for various activities for our participants. The goal of the Leadership Lounge is to provide a wide range of opportunities for youth to achieve their personal goals in a ‘youth friendly’ and non-judgmental environment.

‘On the Edge’ The David Fanjoy Memorial Climbing Studio

The rock climbing studio has several auto-belay systems, allowing members to improve their fitness levels, learn to problem solve and strategize, be involved in team building exercises and be involved in an adventure-based program.

Open Climbs for the Public on Thursday Nights (during evening program schedule)

6:00pm to 8:30pm (advance booking required for a 45 minute time period) – Must be a minimum of 6 years of age. Signed waivers required for all climbers * those under 18 years require parent authorization * pre-climb safety orientation required for all 1st time climbers* additional restrictions may apply. $9.60 + tax per session/per person

Minor Rock Climbing Waiver   Adult Rock Climbing Waiver

Hours of Operation

Club Hours of Operation: 11 – 16 Years of Age
Tuesday & Thursday 6:00pm – 8:00pm