Summer Leadership Development

BGC Brantford Youth – Leader-In-Training Program

An exciting opportunity for potential young leaders, 11-16 years of age in our community looking to develop or enhance their leadership abilities and experience.

Leader-In-Training Level #1

Program components include: starting the journey to becoming a leader, goal setting, team building, cooperation, effective communication, program planning and camper characteristics.

Desired Outcomes

  • How to be an effective role model
  • How to create a positive environment
  • Being prepared for work
  • Become a valued member of your team
  • What is program planning
  • What is positive behaviour management
  • Awareness of risks in program areas
  • Interpersonal relationships with participants
  • 10% of LIT time is spent in camp job shadowing

Leader-In-Training Level #2

Program components include expanding on the fundamentals of LIT #1, effective qualities of great leaders, how to motivate and inspire people, adapting leadership styles, HIGH FIVE PHCD

Desired Outcomes

  • How to build strong relationships with participants
  • Modeling respectful interactions
  • Being motivated
  • Building relationships with your team members
  • How to successfully program plan
  • Why we practice behaviour management
  • Providing physically and emotionally safe activities and environments
  • Interpersonal relationships with leaders
  • 25% of LIT time is spent in camp job shadowing
Dates of Operations

All programs are of a two week duration. LEADERSHIP 1 is offered twice and LEADERSHIP 2 is offered twice throughout the summer months.


July 4th, 2023 – July 14th OR July 17th, 2023 to July 25th, 2023


July 31st, 2023 – August 11th, 2023 OR August 14th, 2023 to August 25th, 2023

Hours of Operation

The leader-in-training program operates Monday to Friday from 9: 00am – 4:00pm daily

Supervision is provided from 8:00am – 9:00am and 4:00pm – 5:15pm


Level 1: $300.00

Level 2: $300.00

Leader-In-Training Level #3

This level is designed to offer qualified participants an opportunity to prepare for positions as camp counselors or recreation leaders. Emphasis is place upon developing leadership skills, behaviour management and program implementation skills.

Desired Outcomes

  • How to nurture relationships with children
  • Understanding the Club’s role in child development
  • Supporting education and life-long learning
  • Communication
  • Ensuring activity plans offer variety and inclusion
  • How to be successful with behaviour management
  • Ensuring personal safety awareness
  • Social media professional do’s and don’t’s
  • 40% of LIT time is spent in camp job shadowing

Participation in LIT #3 is by selection verses an open registration process and those interested should contact Youth Mentorship at OR 519-752-2964 Ext. 128

$200.00 per LIT 3 Session (Any 4 weeks of the summer)


Youth selected for the CIT Level #1 program have successfully completed Leader-in-Training Levels 1, 2 & 3 and demonstrated outstanding skills and potential for future part-time employment opportunities with the Club.

There is no fee for this program.

These youth are responsible to advocate healthy lifestyles through the maintenance of our President’s Choice Herb & Vegetable garden.

Desired Outcomes

  • Being a champion for children
  • Understanding staff’s role in child development
  • Representing the Club
  • Encourage & support team members in delivering activities
  • Ensuring activity plans foster positive interactions, respect and engagement
  • Identify and addressing inappropriate behaviours effectively
  • Ensuring personal safety awareness
  • Incident & Accident response
  • Knowing how to respond in different emergency situations
  • 70% of CIT time is spent in camp job shadowing
  • CIT’s will be required to participate in 10 weeks of camp, three (3) day per week for a minimum of 200 hours.

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