Pink Shirt Day 2017

Pink Shirt Day 2017

At Boys & Girls Clubs, we know that victims of bullying, witnesses of bullying and bullies themselves all experience the very real and long-term negative impacts of bullying regardless of its forms - physical, verbal, written or on-line (cyber-bullying). We also know that there are constructive and supportive ways to develop skills to prevent bullying and to thrive. AND, we know that by developing those skills in a supportive environment, the emotional and physical scars from bullying that haunt and shape people's futures can be avoided.

Boys & Girls Club programs foster self-esteem, social engagement, academic success, inclusion, acceptance, respect for self and others, and connection to community - all of which are key elements of bullying prevention. The Boys & Girls Club of Brantford proudly participates in Pink Shirt Day because it promotes awareness, understanding and openness about the problem, and a shared commitment to a solution.

As a leading child-serving organization in our community, the Boys & Girls Club of Brantford would like to invite you to be a part of this cooperative community movement. The goal of this campaign is to lead the way in taking a stand against bullying in our community, to raise awareness of the programs and services of the Boys & Girls Club and generate revenues to help us continue to meet the needs of children and youth in the Brantford and surrounding areas.

2017 Pink Shirt Day Information can be found by clicking here.  It's never to early to start the conversation with your friends, peers, neighbours, co-workers, etc. to get them on board! 


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